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Many people have chosen CBD to deal with several medical issues such as insomnia, depression, spasms, or chronic pain. Did you know that CBD is also an effective natural remedy for dogs? Pet owners are more and more attracted by CBD treats and tinctures for their dogs, and here is why.


How can CBD help my dog?


Recent research has shown that CBD can help with many dog problems. It can ease several occasional or chronic conditions, such as anxiety and stress, arthritis and joint pain, digestion problems, or cancer symptoms. CBD soft chews can offer calm and relaxation to your furry friend.


Will my dog get high with CBD treats?


For dogs or even humans to get high with such products, it needs to contain a certain amount of THC. THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid. CBD does not cause the ‘high’ commonly associated with marijuana use because there’s no THC in it. To ease your concern about CBD, know that you can choose dog treats with different CBD dosages.


How long do treats and oil take to work?


If you are giving CBD calming soft chews to your dog because of anxiety, you should count about an hour before he will feel the effects. Notice that there are treats with different amounts of CBD. If you’re using CBD treats for chronic pain or other severe conditions, you should see noticeable improvements after a few weeks.


At 529Hemp, we provide natural remedies to ease your dog’s discomforts. We offer the highest quality CBD dog treats but also a wide range of hemp extract oil. Our CBD oils for pets have different flavors that your dog will love: bacon, beef, chicken, salmon, and tuna. Contact us if you need more information to buy CBD. We’ll give you advice regarding CBD dog treats or CBD tinctures for pets!



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