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One is known to have “high” effects, the other to make you stoned, but is that the only difference between Indica and Sativa? These two strains of cannabis have many different properties and characteristics. How do you know which type to choose?


Indica: an effective pain reliever with a relaxing high


Indica is usually used to reduce stress or to relax. Containing more CBD than Sativa, Indica allows the consumer to experience a ‘body high’ effect. Its properties tend to decrease energy, so it’s better to use it at nighttime.


From a therapeutic point of view, research recommends using this strain of cannabis against spasms, insomnia, nausea, and chronic pain. Indeed, Indica is a good pain reliever and is renowned for its sedative effects.



Sativa: a cerebral plant with stimulating and energizing effects


Unlike Indica, Sativa is renowned for its “high” effects, which promote brain activity. It is, therefore, a plant to consume during the day or at a party. Its botanical properties allow consumers to increase its creativity and productivity.


Even though Sativa is known for its recreational effects, scientific research also highlights its therapeutic aspects. Indeed this strain of cannabis is generally chosen to treat depression, anxiety, attention disorders, hyperactivity, or even anorexia.





Besides their differences regarding their medical effect, the differences between Indica and Sativa are in how they affect energy levels and productivity. Indica will more often be the choice for those under stress or looking for a sense of relaxation. People looking for brain stimulation will choose Sativa.


Through hybridization, it is possible to offer a blend of the characteristics of both plants. Hybrid cannabis can be either Indica, or Sativa, or an equal mix of the two. The best way to select the type of cannabis for your needs is to choose a trustworthy dispensary first. At 529Hemp, we strive to answer all your questions to support you in making a choice that suits you.



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